Couple has a minion!

Aw, look at the Lovely Couple


The Sweetheart Rreign
Owner: Dachshund

Age: 2 years, 10 months, 2 weeks

Born: February 1st, 2017

Adopted: 2 years, 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: October 21st, 2017


  • Level: 6
  • Strength: 13
  • Defense: 13
  • Speed: 12
  • Health: 13
  • HP: 13/13
  • Intelligence: 27
  • Books Read: 27
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Soda Supplier

you are radiant, like the sunny rays
that cast their light on cloudy days
across Mother Nature's gentle face
our kisses linger in warm embrace


~Inspired by you~
I am the descendant of the Great Cosmic Mother
and you of the Radiant Sun
there is no other force on this Earth like our love /
yin & yang, dark and light
you bless my mornings as I illuminate your nights
spent lost in each others endlessly fascinating minds
when we talk for hours and lose track of time
let's rewind, play it back
the epic love story
of a King and his Queen in all of their glory

Take my hand
let me try to begin to help you understand
the master plan we have in place
you and I, travelers in space
you're at my pace
thoughts and feelings
never go to waste
you are my taste of heaven
sugary sweet
my favorite treat
you keep it neat
help to organize our minds
when I look at you I find
the deepest love in your eyes
like sunshine in cloudy skies
you are my guy, I am your girl
you are a gem, I am a pearl
you rock my world and heal my soul
4:20 now we smoke a bowl
ignite my life like the hemp we burn
you are my teacher, from you I learn
and teach you all the same
give and take is the name of the game
no blame, no demanding
just understanding
we are united
we are one
I am your Moon
you are my Sun


3.You're the best
and I don't f*ck with the rest
cause when you're put to the test
you don't stress
you stay cool, calm and collected
unaffected by outside forces
always making the right choices
then you school me in life
take your courses
til you make me your wife
no divorce is in the forecast
only sunshine and a love to last
from this life to the next
infinitely perplexed by
the puzzle of your mind
and as I peel back the layers
that make up your essence
I find you're truly an angel
you bless with your presence
here to teach us a lesson of
love and kindness
how to lift up the veil
and see through the blindness
you're my muse
indefinitely inspired by you
how you move
how you speak
soft voice can
leave my knees a bit weak
nothing to prove to those
who cannot understand you
those who do not support
but instead, reprimand you
but to those who are filled
with hope, and with love
you are truly divine
a gift from above


James Daniel Gomez & Rosalie Jasmine Rangel
Married March 30, 2017.
Baby girl due March 21, 2019. :two_hearts:
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