April 18, 2014

Gray Floral Jacket
Neon Floral Jacket
Black Floral Sleeve Jacket
Black Floral Jacket
Black Sleeve Floral Jacket
Navy Sleeve Floral Jacket

Make sure to grab one of these new floral jackets from the Clothing Rack while the weather is still chilly.

Black Contrast Floral Snapback
Black Floral Brim Snapback
Navy Floral Snapback
Gray Floral Snapback
Neon Floral Snapback
Black Full Floral Snapback

Grab one of these new snapbacks from the Accessory Bin, they'll be good to keep the sun off your face when it starts to warm up!

Blonde Dreadfalls
Light Orange Head Bandana
Blue Neck Bandana
Black Big-Buckle Belt
Baaaaaa Beanie

Sadly the Accessory Bin has retired roughly 100 of their oldest items to make room for the new stock. :(

04/18/14 1:18 pm 19 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Maleria is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

04/18/14 12:06 am 37 Comments
Posted by Keith

Thief the Custom Nightmare Tutani has won the Pet Spotlight!

04/18/14 12:00 am 30 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

April 17, 2014

Sea Glass Asymmetric Ruffle Skirt
Sleek Lace Panel Top
Innocent Asymmetric Ruffle Skirt

Celebrate the changing seasons by lifting those hems a bit and showing some shoulder. The Clothing Rack has some ruffles and lace to get you in the spring mood! In black as well, of course, in case you aren't feeling that chipper.

04/17/14 3:00 am 46 Comments
Posted by Ariel

Shiver the Custom Glacier Mahar has won the Pet Spotlight!

04/17/14 12:00 am 16 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

April 16, 2014

Good afternoon, friends. Today I have a very special neela for you, if your tastes run to the sickeningly adorable side. Please don't crowd around, you may startle the new chibi neela.

Chibi potions remain, as ever, in the Millionaire Center and neela potions can still be found in the Cash Shop, although if the pet itself isn't to your tastes, maybe you'd like to take home one of these items instead?

Chibi Neela Plushie
Chibi Neela Beanbag

04/16/14 12:11 pm 122 Comments
Posted by Rah

Mourner the Angel Demi has won the Pet Spotlight!

04/16/14 12:00 am 10 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

April 15, 2014

Chewed Draftsman Chalk
Chipped Draftsman Chalk
Stubby Draftsman Chalk
Sharpened Draftsman Chalk
Dull Draftsman Chalk

Unfinished Cherry Window Frame
Unfinished Aluminum Window Frame
Unfinished Black Window Frame
Unfinished White Window Frame
Unfinished Walnut Window Frame
Unfinished Oak Window Frame

Replacement Hobby Blades
Cutting Mat
Metal Ruler
Tracing Paper Roll
Hobby Knife
Metal Half Square
Lace Border Punch

Start your very own DIY project with these new tools from Thimble & Co.!

You’ll have to play around with the bottom row of items to see the actual overlay, I suggest putting them over a background. ;)

04/15/14 10:12 am 67 Comments
Posted by Amber

Portfolio the Nostalgic Torrent has won the Pet Spotlight!

04/15/14 12:00 am 10 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

April 14, 2014

Minmins the Angel Popoko has won the Pet Spotlight!

04/14/14 12:00 am 9 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

April 13, 2014

Kratos Aurion the Nightmare Celinox has won the Pet Spotlight!

04/13/14 12:00 am 15 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

April 12, 2014

Terrorble Tuft
Terrornia Plushie
Terrorfying Sticker
Finding Terrornia

Preserved Terrornia Wing Bones
Dusty Terrornia Feather
Terror Scale Leggings

A strange new creature has surfaced! It looks like you can utilize it in a great number of ways, the poor thing. Fashionably tasty!

04/12/14 8:10 pm 39 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

A-maize-ing Sticker
Egg-cellent Sticker
Peas and Thank You Sticker
Apple Of My Eye Sticker

Olive You Sticker
A-peel-ing Sticker
Great Pear Sticker
Souper Sticker

Hope you've been saving up your QuestPoints, because Pete has some new additions to his Quest Shop!

04/12/14 10:03 am 36 Comments
Posted by Amber

Gutter Rat the Hydrus Wyllop has won the Pet Spotlight!

04/12/14 12:00 am 8 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam
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